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Returning to the Homeland

People go on vacation for many reasons. Some go to relax or to get away. Yet, how many trips bring about profound changes in one’s life? I interviewed two individuals who were fortunate enough...

Returning to the Homeland

Nan Ma takes a look at several API children’s books, all suitable for ages 2 and up.

Mixed Race Adoption

“Soul mates.” “Brother and sister.” These words describe the bond between Saul Tran Cornwall and Amy Moline Pak—Asian American adoptees from two different worlds and from two different families, but drawn to one another...

Mixed Race Adoption

A classified ad for employement

Interfaith Families

The holiday season has arrived. Many families will come together to celebrate, to share and to love one another despite differences. But what do you do during the holidays when you share different religions?...

Mixed Race, a Journey

I remember the first time I brought Jason home to meet my parents. My mom told me she was excited and told my father they were about to meet their new “son-in-law.” I found...

The Pacific Islander community More than island mentality: They’re dreaming big

Asian Pacific Islanders (API) have been an integral part of our modern society. According to the 2000 US Census, the US population was over 281 million. Of these, a staggering number emerges. Nearly 12 million reported as being “Asian” and “Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander”.