Seattle Opera: Malcolm X Leader
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Perspective: Courage and Risk

There are sides to activism that many of us never hear about. More importantly, the younger generation, full of excitement and idealism, often come across narratives chronicling successes from the past but can gloss over...

Tips: How to engage politicians to support your cause

• Start a relationship with your elected official. Try calling or visiting their district office, leverage a relationship you have with someone the politician trusts, attend community functions the politician is scheduled to attend, or...

Op-Ed: Are Refugee Stories Creating a New Stereotype?

The most significant introduction I received soon after coming to the United States was to the world of literature.  I was immediately smitten and my eyes could not stop scanning page after page of...

API Male Oppression: Stuck between a rock and a hard place

Take a moment and try this exercise. Picture an Asian man in one of these roles: a star quarterback, CEO of a big company, a popular politician, a fashion model. It is not easy, is...

America is My Home: Ryan Catabay

Ryan Catabay - IE Graphic Designer/Creative Director - The son of immigrants becomes a modern designer. “My last real job was working at Kinko’s, and before that I was working at McDonald’s. Technically, I...

Sell Out or Sold Out?

In an industry where the formula for success is uncertain, Asian musicians/artists must carve their own path and make tough decisions.

Homestay Horizons

Many international students rely on hosting programs, allowing them a sense of home during their studies and exposure to an American culture. But for some, the definition of an “American” family — whom many prefer to stay with — is widely divergent when hosted by Asian Americans.

Marrying Against All Odds

The current debate on same-sex marriages mirrors the familiar bygone issue of interracial marriages – a conflict in recent memory known as miscegenation.

Local Art Gallery Owner and Family Adopts Three Mixed Vietnamese Siblings From Ukraine

The “melting pot” in Cora Edmonds’ West Seattle home is not what’s sitting on the stove but is rather a metaphor for every facet of her life. From her career as a cultural photographer and...

40 Years Later: The First Asian-Led Demonstration in Seattle

“What do we want? Asians NOW!” The chant echoed throughout Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) as a crowd several hundred strong marched on campus and closed down the administrative offices. It was 1971. Chains around...