This story is about two sisAuntie Yang’s Great Soybeans Picnicters who were born in China, then moved to Chicago and Indiana. The two sisters missed their home and family. Every year they would have a family gathering between both families. The family gathering was located at Auntie Yang’s, the sister that lived in Indiana. They would play games and have much fun. One year both families went on a Sunday drive. They passed acres and acres of cornstalks. Then Auntie Yang saw soybeans. Uncle Yang said it couldn’t be, because this was America. Only China had soybeans. But Auntie Yang thought no more. They stopped the car and asked the farmer if they could pick the soybeans. That night they ate soybeans. The soybeans reminded the two sisters about when they lived in China. That was their first soybean picnic. The next year, they picked more soybeans and had another soybean picnic. They also invited six more families to the picnic. The next year the soybean picnic grew famous. They picked more soybeans and there were hundreds of people. One summer the two sisters’ brothers and sisters came to America and they had another soybean picnic. As you can see, the two sisters remember their family when they eat soybeans.

This story reminds me of my family because of the illustrations. Our big family also has lots of potlucks just like the two sisters’ family. I recommend this book to people that feel homesick. Think about what you used to do in your old home and do the same with the new one. If you are homesick, carry your tradition!

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