Photo by Jon Gould.

Who’s Got Game? is an exhibition in Wing Luke Museum that opened December 9, 2016 and will be available to the public until September 17, 2017. It honors the accomplishments of Asian Pacific Americans in sports, and explores the role of sports in Asian Pacific American identities and communities.

Visitors will be able to:

  • Physically play games like hopscotch to show the universal important of play and how it connects people across boundaries
  • Explore the wide range of sports played by Asian Pacific American communities, whether as hobbies, careers or even as a way out of poverty
  • Examine the internal and external obstacles faced by Asian Pacific American athletes
  • Learn more about iconic athletes who had to pave the way and are role models today
  • Take away lessons learned from sports, including team work, perseverance, risk-taking and other values
  • Add their own life lessons and nominate someone to the exhibition’s Hall of Fame

For more information about the exhibit, click here.

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