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The University of Washington Healthy Brain Research Network (HBRN) is working with the National Asian and Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA) to conduct research focus groups to evaluate messages about connecting adult children to resources for their aging parents. They are recruiting Chinese or Japanese adults with at least one living parent, step-parent, or parent-in-law aged 65 or older to participate in a focus group (group discussion) of 8 to 12 participants with a similar race and gender.

In each focus group, they will talk about taking a parent to a doctor or specialist to discuss their memory and cognition. Moderators will ask what participants think about the messages, how messages make them feel, and how they would modify to better fit their community. The session will last 75 minutes and they will meet between August 8th and August 19th. Refreshments will be served and participants will receive $50 for their contribution to the discussion.

If you have any suggestions for recruiting participants more efficiently, or would like more information about the study, please contact Minhui Liu, Research Assistant, at (206) 661-5079 or [email protected]. We very much appreciate your assistance.

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