API Chaya Annual Dinner and Auction

May 14th at Westin Seattle

This year’s event promises to be an exciting night with more than 500 of our communities’ business and community leaders coming together to contribute to API Chaya’s mission of supporting API survivors and communities dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. All proceeds will support our work with South Asian, Asian and Pacific Islander survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault; survivors of human trafficking from all communities; as well as our community organizing programs that address the root causes of systemic violence.


May 15th 12-2 at El Centro De La Raza

This event is a space for Queer and Trans Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islanders (APIs) to talk about the ways in which we are racialized and profiled in various contexts and what “safety” means to us in our relationships and communities.

Meet and Greet

May 25th 6-8pm at Eastern Café (in lieu of CES)

You may want to join this meetup if you are interested in:
– organizing/advocacy work in our local communities
– learning how to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence, exploitation, and human trafficking
– engaging in diverse communities for positive social change
– ending systemic violence

Engaging Communities in Gender Based Violence Prevention

May 26thth 1-4pm at 2100 Building

As a result of this Prevention Shop Talk, participants will be better able to:
• Describe how community engagement increases the efficacy of prevention efforts
• Discuss the importance of addressing the harmful impact of socially constructed notions of gender
• Articulate how individuals and communities can respond to behaviors and beliefs that lead to gender-based violence
• Practice the act of directly challenging harmful beliefs and behaviors

Community Education Series

June 22nd: Special Topic: BASE at 2100 Building
July 30th 101 Review

Starting in January 2016, API Chaya provides training and education on how the community can support survivors and mobilize towards ending violence. The meetings will take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month and includes a four part free workshop series that will happen twice each year.

For more info about API Chaya, please visit: http://apichaya.org/

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