“Kaya ko” means “I can” in Tagalog. Kaya Co. was founded on the idea that Filipino diaspora youth have a unique role to play in helping the Philippines. It is now recruiting fellows for 2017 from around the world for a summer-long experience in the Philippines that focuses on: a high-impact internship with one of our social venture & community partners; an impact & innovation curriculum on identity, diaspora, and homeland development; human-centered design to bridge resources in the diaspora to social impact in the Philippines.

The fellowship consists of eight different tracks and participants will be working with organizations across five different sites: Metro Manila, Cebu City, Batangas, Marinduque, and Bohol.

They are looking for people who balance critical consciousness with action orientation, creativity with self-awareness, and empathy with entrepreneurship. Priority applications are due on December 23.

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