The following is an announcement from InterIm Community Development Association:

A community-based effort led by InterIm Community Development Association (InterIm CDA) received a multiple year grant to support our Set for Success program in the Chinatown/International District (CID) and South Seattle. InterIm CDA is on the front lines addressing homelessness, housing affordability and equity in our city and region. This grant award will provide much-needed support for the holistic approach that InterIm CDA is taking with residents to address health inequities, financial literacy, language and technology barriers and the lack of effective civic engagement on issues that directly impact low-income immigrants and refugees.

This program aims to increase the skills of our residents through access to education and information for their well-being with health education, financial literacy, ESL and computer literacy, and civic engagement. Approximately 600 low income residents who are non-English speaking or limited English speaking will have access to this pro-gram over a period of three years. This is a first-time, unique, innovative program being implemented in the CID and South Seattle and will transform the lives of the residents and their children.

InterIm CDA will work to build cohesion, resilience and capacity with low-income refugees and immigrants through a coordinated, systematic approach with four community partners: International Community Health Services (ICHS), Helping Link, YMCA–Downtown Seattle and Seattle Business Education Hub (SBEH).

InterIm CDA has a 49-year history of advancing social justice and equity for low income, Asian and Pacific Islander, immigrant, and refugee communities. As a nonprofit affordable housing and com-munity development organization based in Seattle’s Chinatown/International District, InterIm CDA owns 5 mixed-use affordable housing buildings with a total of 305 units housing 577 residents. InterIm CDA provides multi-lingual, culturally competent housing-related and community building services.

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