CIRCC’s 5th Annual Candidate Forum on July 6, 2016 • Photo by Jeanie Lindsay

The Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees and Communities (CIRCC) received a total of $22,000 from the 2017 Voter Education Fund, a joint project of Seattle Foundation and King County Elections.

The grant to the CIRCC would provide either a 9-month campaign or a series of smaller events focused on one or more of the following:

  1. Basic education about how voting works in King County, such as who is eligible to
    vote and what is vote-by-mail.
  2. Voter registration.
  3. Non-partisan opportunities for communities to come together and educate
    themselves about what’s on the ballot.
  4. Technical assistance in navigating the voting process, such as helping voters change
    their address or language preference.

The CIRCC includes community-based organizations who aim to build informed, engaged, and equitable communities, and conduct activities like candidate forums and community oriented discussions about policy issues that impact immigrants, refugees, and people of color throughout Seattle. Some members of the CIRCC include the Eritrean Association, Filipino Community of Seattle, Latino Community Fund, Breakfast Club, and Equal Rights Washington.

In addition, CIRCC is expanding its network with the inclusion of two churches—Beacon
Methodist Church and Blaine Memorial Church. Expansion also includes networks of millennials at both the Seattle Central College and the University of Washington.

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