Seattle Center Festál presents Feng Hsiang Dance Troupe of Keelung, Taiwan, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m., Friday, July 28, in Seattle Center Armory. The lively, colorful performance is free and open to all.

Established in 1993, Feng Hsiang Dance Troupe often represents Taiwan on the world stage. The Troupe uses a mix of folk and classical dance, embellished by brightly colored, flowing costumes and held objects to express the history and rituals of Taiwan.

Professional artists, recruited from among very young Keelung Academy dancers, comprise Feng Hsiang Dance. The choreography of their shows, accompanied by lively music, gains inspiration from the Taiwanese native population already on the island when the Chinese arrived; and it also portrays ancient Chinese traditions. The dances depict dynastic reigns, Buddhism, martial arts, dragons, ancient princesses, changing seasons and annual celebrations.

In 2017, Seattle Center Festál celebrates 20 years of global music, dance, art, crafts, history, food, and insight presented through a unique partnership among community organizations and Seattle Center. Festál provides a stage and platform for them to share their traditions, accomplishments and artistic expression. Festál events captivate and enlighten festival-goers as they experience the distinct cultures that shape the character and course of our broader community.

Seattle Center Festál is a program of Seattle Center Productions. Admission is free-of-charge. For more about this collection of ethnic cultural events and other Seattle Center public programming, visit or call 206-684-7200.

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