The following is an announcement from Asia Pacific Cultural Center:

On November 18, 2017 the Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts partners with Asia Pacific Cultural Center to present a free culture and arts festival. Performances from groups from Tahiti, New Zealand, Cook Island, Korea, Okinawa, Cambodia and Samoa, Fiji and Tonga will be featured.

Learn about the cultures, music and dances as these groups perform traditional songs, tell stories through their arts and demonstrate karate. In addition a number of arts demonstrations and workshops will be under way all day including calligraphy, paper folding, hands on activities from the Marshall Islands and Northern Mariana Island. See beautiful traditional dress and learn a few dances and moves along the way. There will be scroll book making, shadow puppets and a display of artifacts and tattoo showing from Samoa.

A food truck will be present to serve food and the festival which runs from noon to five pm is a fun family festival and free of charge. The Karshner Museum will have an exhibit of some of their artifacts from Asia and the Pacific on display. A fun day with something for everybody.

Performances by:

Oolleemm from Korea: Traditional Performing Arts Group of local Korean descendant ladies who are proud of their heritage and want to share it.

Le Lumana’l O Samoa – Federal Way High School Students: Lumana’l O Le Pasifika means “The Future of the Pacific” is a cultural program that works both with Pacific Islander/ and non Pacific Islander scholars to set goals, and to develop leaders at Federal Way High School.

Poerava: Poerava is an all-female Polynesian dance and performing arts group. We feed solely on the traditions & authenticity of our Pacific Island roots by instilling the ways of respect, loyalty, and the Spirit of our ancestors. We represent these attributes through dance. All the while we hope these traits will continue to mold our young generation into respectable and loving people for their future selves. Poerava is the Tahitian word describing a “unique pearl.” The key component for growing a uniquely beautiful Pearl in the depths of the ocean waters is patience. As we apply the same characteristic to our children, they too will have a strong appreciation for our generations to come.

Okinawa Arts Karate: All of our karate moves inherited from our Okinawa roots and our upbringing. We thrived to keep our traditions alive and well. So proud to be part of your event.

Cambodia: Khemarak Samaki: Classical Group-Khemarak Samaki translated “Cambodia in Unity” we’re a dance group based in Tacoma and was founded by Mrs. Khim Hong Chue in 2010. Our mission is to embrace and preserve Cambodian Culture through dance and each dance tells a story. This year the group is featuring students from The Cambodian Language and Dance Class at Asia Pacific Cultural Center.

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