Amerigroup Washington members can now access myStrength’s evidence-based resources through their member portal by clicking on the myStrength link.

The following is an announcement from Amerigroup Washington:

While the holiday season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, the post-holiday season and winter blues sometimes bring an increase of depression and struggle for many. To address these heightened stressors both now and throughout the year, Amerigroup Washington is working together with myStrength, Inc., an innovative leader in digital behavioral healthcare, to provide mental health and wellness resources to all Amerigroup Washington members, dramatically increasing access to mental health services throughout the state.

One in four people struggle with behavioral health challenges, yet nearly 70 percent do not receive effective care, due in large part to stigma and access. According to Mental Health America, Washington ranks 30th out of 50 in the nation for prevalence of serious mental illness. This low overall ranking indicates higher prevalence of mental illness and lower rates of access to care. Unfortunately, lack of access and care directly results in poorer quality of life and greater risk of disease.

Through this collaboration with myStrength, Inc., all Amerigroup Washington members now have access to online behavioral health resources. These digital resources promote emotional wellness and help those struggling with anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and chronic pain to manage and overcome the challenges and are available 24/7.

“Amerigroup Washington brings a ‘whole person’ approach to care, and is committed to ensuring that our members have expanded access to high-quality service and integrated healthcare,” said Amerigroup Washington Medical Director Dr. Tanya Dansky. “The collaboration between Amerigroup Washington and myStrength seeks to address access challenges by increasing our member’s access to digital behavioral health self-care to improve their emotional health and well-being.”

myStrength’s evidence-based resources use interactive technology-driven tools for treating behavioral health disorders such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorder and chronic pain. With access to a range of individualized information, e-Learning modules, and self-care applications, activities help bridge the gap between therapy visits, allowing clients to navigate through issues and address problems. myStrength is available 24/7 to Amerigroup Washington members and can be accessed from any computer, even at a public library, or mobile device.

myStrength’s tools and activities offers low-risk, effective solutions to managing behavioral health issues for members age 13+. myStrength consistently demonstrates high levels of consumer adoption, satisfaction, engagement, and clinical improvement. On average, users report a 25% reduction in symptoms.

“The vast majority of people who struggle with mental illness, unfortunately, do not receive effective care or support. And, over 96 million Americans live in areas with a shortage of mental health providers,” said Scott Cousino, myStrength’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We are proud to collaborate with Amerigroup Washington and extend access to behavioral health care. Using myStrength provides an effective way to help those struggling with challenges, offering members free, user-friendly and individualized resources on their own terms.”

Amerigroup Washington members can access myStrength resources through their member portal ( by clicking on the myStrength link.

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