The following is an announcement from Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS):

After 22 years of service to Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) as its executive director, Diane Narasaki is announcing her retirement, effective October 27, 2018, when the agency will celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The ACRS Board of Directors has appointed a special committee that is leading the search for the new executive director of a social justice agency that reaches over 30,000 community members each year. During Narasaki’s tenure, ACRS has grown to meet the evolving needs of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and many others by expanding its culturally competent behavioral health programs, human services and civic engagement activities, and its staff, who collectively speak over 40 languages and dialects at and beyond its 82,500 square foot facility in the Rainier Valley that has become a second home to many.

ACRS Board President Angelie Chong shares, “Diane has inspired truly collaborative leadership that strengthens our civil and human rights, and builds power with engagement from staff, clients and other community members. As co-founder of the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition (APIC) of Washington State and through her service on numerous leadership and advisory groups, Diane has enabled ACRS to have an impact locally and nationally, and we are poised to continuing doing so in the future. Diane has worked tirelessly to ensure that ACRS is a safe and welcoming place for all, where we can develop deeper understanding through dialogue and appreciation for the strength of our diversity.”

Diane reflects, “Even during these turbulent times we live in, ACRS remains a strong and healthy organization, led by dedicated, talented and generous board members, staff and volunteers. With leadership at all levels of the organization, deep community support, and local and national partnerships, ACRS will continue to thrive into the future. It has been my greatest honor and privilege to have served as ACRS’ executive director over these many years. I am announcing my retirement with nearly a year’s advance notice to ensure a smooth leadership transition for one of our community’s flagship organizations. ACRS has an exciting future ahead of it, and I look forward to seeing it unfold under its visionary and able leadership. I hope you will join me in celebrating ACRS’ 45th anniversary at our gala on October 27, 2018.”

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