Anni Dreams of Biryani by Namita Moolani Mehra is a delightful tale of Anni and the lengths she will go to figure out her favorite restaurant’s biryani recipe. Anni lives across the street from a café that makes the best biryani in the world! She is determined to figure out and cook the recipe, but the owner of the restaurant, Uncle, is notoriously cranky. Through asking questions and a lot of practice Anni works hard on perfecting the recipe.  

Chaaya Brabhat’s illustration make Anni’s biryani ingredients jump off the page! The vibrant colors and varied textures make the dreamy dish come to life. Anni Dreams of Biryani teaches kids to ask questions and inspires them to take charge in the kitchen. Mehra also includes a short history of biryani in the back of the book, along with tips to making the best biryani. Just like Anni you can dream, cook, and share the best biryani in the world! 

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