ACLF alumni, board members and trainers at their 2009 annual graduation dinner. Photo courtesy ACLF, Joysha Fajardo Photography.

The following is an announcement from the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation.

The Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation (ACLF) Nomination Committee will select three API leaders for their three annual awards: the Kip Tokuda, the “Uncle Bob” Santos, and the ACLF Distinguished Alumni awards. ACLF asks that community members help find and highlight exceptional leaders by nominating them.

Nominations are open from August 1 to August 25, 2017. Candidates may be nominated using this online form.

Kip Tokuda Award

The Kip Tokuda award takes its name from an individual who dedicated his life to advancing and uplifting the voices of underserved or marginalized communities. Kip’s legacy continues on through ACLF in the work that it does and the family that it fosters.

Criteria of selection:

  1. Leadership: This leader has the ability to help a group of people achieve unlikely things in the presence of great challenges and obstacles.

  2. Commitment To API Community: The awardee is someone who has remained involved and continues to take initiative in API communities.

  3. Equity: The awardee is someone who acts to uphold just treatment or behavior for all people.

  4. Compassion: The awardee demonstrates warmth, kindness, and sincere concern for others.

Uncle Bob Award

The “Uncle Bob” Santos Mentorship award is ACLF’s newest award, established in 2016 in Uncle Bob’s memory with 2017 being the first year it will be awarded. Beyond all his leadership and his accomplishments, Uncle Bob was a leader of leaders who took many aspiring activists and community members under his wing at the grassroots level of movements and gave them the experience and mentorship to become the leaders in the community that they are today.

Criteria of selection:

  1. Mentorship: This award recognizes someone who recognizes and exemplifies the importance of mentoring others, especially those who will come after you.

  2. Solidarity: The awardee will be someone who has shown compassion and solidarity with those they serve while helping and advocating for others.

  3. Advocate-Activist: The awardee will be an individual who is civically engaged in the community and acts as a voice for those who may not be heard.

  4. Fun Loving: And finally, the recipient of this award should know how, and when, to have fun.

ACLF Distinguished Alumni Award

ACLF’s purpose is to provide an environment which fosters the development of individual leadership, community strength, and inter-community unity to promote issues critical to API’s, primarily through the Community Leaders Program (CLP). The Alumni Achievement Award recognizes and honors an outstanding CLP alumni in their achievements and contributions to the API community since graduating from the program.

Criteria of selection:

  1. Embodies ACLF’s values: The awardee is ethical, compassionate, and promotes social and political justice.

  2. Commitment To ACLF Community: The awardee will be someone who remained involved and continues to take initiative in the ACLF and API communities even after completion of the program.

  3. Accomplishment: The awardee’s leadership has allowed them to achieve a feat or goal to the benefit of the community.

  4. Growth: The awardee will have demonstrated exemplary personal growth and development in their leadership journey.

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