Lion Needs a Haircut by Hyewon Yum captures the bond between father and son through an every-day routine. In the beginning, through short and snappy dialogues, we witness the two arguing over who should be getting a haircut. At the same time, we are also introduced to their daily life and environment as they bathe, groom and bond with one another. Through these actions, although we get a sense of their deep connection, we also begin questioning why “getting a haircut” is such an issue. After some pages, we come to an answer as the argument ends in a climax which highlights their vulnerabilities and inner emotions through an intense yet touching, beautiful way.

Lion Needs a Haircut is a story of how father and son connect with one another through touch and expression of emotion. In a world where this is looked down upon in men and young boys, it is important to witness such pieces that promote said bonds. It also allows further room and opportunities for fathers and sons to establish a deeper connection necessary for their relationship.

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