Sam Kim, left, and Victor Kao of telecommunications company Cbeyond, share a belief that corporate philanthropy should focus on growing ethnic communities.

They refer to themselves as informational technology communication providers, but for Victor Kao and Sam Kim, supporting the Asian American community by offering quality service, good rates and philanthropy means finding a deeper meaning in their work at Cbeyond.

Cbeyond is a national company that specializes in providing general communication services to clients. There are 14 national offices and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is also publicly traded and is the world’s first 100 percent Voice-over Internet Protocol local phone network. One of the newer offices, in Bellevue, has operated for little over a year and is serving the local market. Both Kao and Kim want to spread the word that the company, while new to the Northwest, has a rooted reputation in quality and is a secret weapon in the telecommunications scene. Their booming company was recently rated the 6th fastest growing company by Forbes Magazine.

Kao and Kim are sales consultants with the company and offer bilingual communication abilities that they hope to utilize in the Asian Pacific American community. In an Asian culture, building trust is very important in a business relationship, they said.

“It’s a great way to meet people, meeting them face-to-face and conducting business,” Kao said. Kao and Kim understand there is a need for more corporations to support the local API community and extend their resources to further the causes of the local businesses and non-profits.

By getting involved with community activities such as hosting a booth at the upcoming Renton International Festival, they hope to be an example for other new or established companies to get involved in supporting the community. It’s also a great way for the companies to spread awareness of their services and broaden their philanthropic endeavors to ethnic communities.

Kim said Cbeyond’s niche is in general communications and is a one-stop shop for a business’s technological needs. The company can set up phones, Internet and broadband connections, mobile services and basically streamline all the services so that it is a simple process for the clients. This will allow many businesses and agencies to improve their telecommunications networks and improve their overall business capacity.

Cbeyond even provides a 24-hour tech support team that helps to reduce costs for small to medium-sized business owners.The company is proud of their 24-hour technical support team as it’s able to give same-day service, greatly benefitting the client, Kao said.

They point out that Cbeyond is the only telecommunications company that’s “organically grown”, meaning they haven’t been bought out or bought by any other company.

The company has developed relationships with many local Asian American businesses and agencies and cater to a variety of industries and needs. “We are just getting out there to let people know about our company, its services and to support the Asian American community,” Kim said.

Contact Victor Kao at Cbeyond to learn more: [email protected] or call

(425) 652 – 0096. Please visit Cbeyond’s website at

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