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4Culture Project grants can help you put your ideas in motion and share them with King County. We award Project grants in three disciplines: arts, heritage, and preservation. Make sure to read the guidelines carefully, as they each have slightly different requirements. The deadline is March 23, 2023.


Deadline: Thursday, March 23, 2023

Art Projects grants help fuel the experiences that make up the cultural fabric of King County. If you are sharing your work with the public, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Artists and arts groups all over King County use Projects grants to create and share their work.

A panel comprised of artists and arts workers from throughout King County, with expertise in one or more creative disciplines, reviews all eligible applications. These panels will select projects for funding based on two kinds of criteria: core and choice.

Read more about the criteria, eligibility, and tips to apply for the Arts Projects here.


Deadline: Thursday, March 23, 2023

Through Heritage Projects we support the people and organizations making history relevant and provocative through exhibits, publications, oral histories, and more.

4Culture’s Heritage Projects funding program promotes the identification, documentation, exhibition, and interpretation of historic and cultural materials exploring the heritage and historical record in King County, Washington. Awards range from $1,000 to $10,000.

You can use this grant to:

  • Create heritage resources including, but not limited to, books, guides, brochures, research projects, digital projects, oral histories, visual or audio recordings, museum exhibits and programs, and education curriculum.
  • Produce special events and programs that highlight heritage in our region including, but not limited to: conferences, workshops, technical assistance programs, apprenticeship or training opportunities, historic walking, cycling, or driving tours, field schools, skill demonstrations, and programs that facilitate collaboration between heritage organizations.
  • Provide opportunities for populations underrepresented in mainstream heritage organizations including people of color, LGBTQ communities, youth, people with disabilities, and gender variant communities to work firsthand with heritage resources.
  • Pay for materials and consumable supplies used for your project, transportation, documentation, and compensation for professional consultants, heritage specialists, trainees, or staff time if work on the project is outside their regular work duties and payment is beyond their regular compensation structure.

You cannot use this grant for:

  • Projects that do not focus on heritage in King County as a foundational element.
  • Major equipment purchases or construction projects (we offer separate grants for these).
  • General operating support, overhead costs and fees, employee benefits or any regular staff salaries (we offer separate grants for these).
  • Elements of your project completed before funds are awarded: June 28, 2023.
  • Projects for which fundraising is the primary purpose.
  • Direct marketing or advertising costs including but not limited to newspaper ads, paid social media posts.
  • Support for services and programs to be provided by the King County Landmarks Commission for land use regulation and archaeological resource management purposes, as described in K.C.C. chapter 20.62 (King County Code 4.42.125H).
  • We do not fund K-12 schools, school districts, religious worship or instruction, or programs that are only open to matriculated students.

Read more about the criteria, eligibility, and tips to apply for the Heritage Project Grant here.


Deadline: Thursday, March 23, 2023

The people and organizations preserving our historic places take on all kinds of challenges, from advocacy to long-term stewardship planning. Preservation Special Projects grants pave the way to a built environment that is valued and protected.

This grant funds research, documentation, planning, education, and advocacy to promote the preservation of our historic places in King County, Washington. It is open to individuals, groups, and municipalities. Funds may be used to create printed or digital resources such as research reports, building or landscape assessments, landmark nominations, books, guides, brochures, recordings, or educational exhibits focused on the historic built environment. Funding may also be used to produce special events and programs that highlight our region’s historic places and encourage their preservation, such as advocacy initiatives, conferences, workshops, technical assistance programs, apprenticeship or training opportunities, guided tours, field schools and skill demonstrations.

In 2022, 11 projects received funding, totaling $92,000 in support of historic preservation projects throughout King County. In 2023, $101,200 are available for Preservation Special Projects awards. Awards typically range from $1,000 to $15,000.

Read more about the criteria, eligibility, and tips to apply for the Preservation Special Projects here.


Grant writing can be stressful, so interested applicants are encouraged to contact 4Culture staff directly with questions or attend a free, information workshop.


Art Projects:

Heritage Projects:

Preservation Special Projects:

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